For Renters, we are your source for the best apartment, condo, and house rentals in Southeast Wisconsin.  

For Property Owners, with no upfront cost or risk you can have the state's best leasing team working for you.  Hire us today and you won't be sorry you did!

Here's how it all started:

Working in the real estate industry in Milwaukee, Beau Beach recognized that landlords (both big and small) would benefit from access to outsourced residential leasing agents.  His agents could supplement existing leasing staff or be the leasing staff.  To be successful he knew his agents must be the best in the business.  His agents must be supported by the best marketing team in the business.  His agents must be compensated 100% based on performance.  Finally, there could not be any upfront cost or commitments to sign up for the service.  There would be only upside and never downside. 

His vision soon became Milwaukee Apartment Finders…which is now Wisconsin's Largest Residential Leasing Agency. 

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